Making Friends - Mending Hearts


*Below you will find a list of special events for Mini-Blessings.*

Some horses will test you, some will teach you, and some will bring out the best in you.

Author Unknown

Upcoming Events


Holiday Light Display

December 10th & 11th


McPhelemy Park in Buena Vista, CO

$3/person or $10/car

We are pleased to announce the return of the spectacular light displays including new scenes and Disney characters for your holiday enjoyment. We are raising money to support our programs and wonderful mini horses for the coming year. Cars enter the park from the north on Hwy 24 and leave by the south, only using the right hand lane on Hwy 24.

Come and just visit!

Now and ongoing during Covid

Call for an appointment



We cordially invite everyone in our community to come and spend some special moments with our magical herd of little horses and our full-sized beautiful horse, Lady Bug (also known as Spirit). You are welcome to interact with them in any way comfortable for you.

Simply come, sit, lean on a fence, and feel their peaceful presence. Look into their beautiful eyes and see unconditional love and experience a feeling of calmness and hope.

Pet or groom them and feel the very softness of their woolly coats and just be in awe of their beauty and gentleness.

While experiencing their uniqueness, you may look up and see the majestic mountains and know how protected you are, surrounded by such natural beauty. YOU might even catch a glimpse of a red fox, a mule deer, a red tail hawk or other native wildlife.

Then just enjoy watching as the minis interact with each other, sometimes grooming, sometimes playing but mostly just being with each other, standing peacefully in the present moment.

Upon leaving, our hope is that your heart will be full of love and that you will have a desire to return to this place for healing.

We do ask that you wear your masks and sanitize your hands or gloves when you arrive and when you leave. Pls. call Crissey at 719-395-5852 for an appointment. Thank you.